SARA ARMSTRONG   Writer / Speaker / Vlogger

Sara is available for speaker panels, as media contributor on various topics like Honoring Diversity, How American politics influence Africa, Insight on African dictatorship . Woman Empowerment; building your faith life and Dealing with Grief

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The Stories in My Head

Sara's book ​​​​​​​​​​ The Shattered Pearl, recounts her  experience living in Uganda during, the terror of Idi Amin Dada. She also authored a book on public speaking  entitled Congratulations.

Look for them on Her mystery novel, Adinkra and a Civil War adventure Kitui and the Frensel Lens  are in development.

Cousin Sara Productions- created by Sara Armstrong and her daughter Lillian Redding. Our production company is dedicated to creating and promoting unique projects from around the world.
By telling each other our stories, barriers will be transformed into bridges.

SEE Why Everyone Loves SARA!

Sara Armstrong, as author, writer and international speaker is uniquely equipped to provide the solutions to life's challenges.  Her presentations are sought-after by corporations,  non-profits, faith based groups and learning institutions.
Sara's dramatic life experiences, advanced spiritual training and humorous, compassionate presentation style make her presentations unique and memorable.