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SARA ARMSTRONG   Writer / Speaker / Life Celebrant

Hello and welcome to Cousin Sara Productions. My name is Sara Armstrong.

            My autobiography, The Shattered Pearl recounts in chilling detail the ten years I lived in Uganda first as a Peace Corps Volunteer and then as the wife of a Ugandan.  For six years   I suffered under the brutal reign of Idi Amin as an ordinary citizen not insulated by privilege or position and saw the destruction of a prosperous nation first hand.

I blended in and was able to move freely around the country. The coup, the killings, the expulsion of the Asians, the uniform of many medals, the raid on Entebbe airport, I witnessed it all. 

            The Shattered Pearl presents this violent regime from an entirely different point of view than the movies Raid on Entebbe or The Last King of Scotland.  This is the authentic account of a young American woman catapulted into a nightmare of fear and bloodshed, desperately trying to save her family and it’s all wrapped in a love story.  The feedback from readers has been extremely enthusiastic.  I am confident you reaction will be the same.  The Shattered Pearl will make a compelling, entertaining television movie, mini-series or feature film.

If you are interested in a true life adventure that’s more exciting than fiction, contact me at:

(770) 715-2251

Let’s do this.  I look forward to working with you.