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 We are looking for production partners for  three projects:

Adinkra - Governor Sheryl Davidson must decide whether to parole the murderer of an unscrupulous doctor. Sheryl finds mysterious notes placed in her office and home with ancient African Adinkra symbols threatening her life if she approves the parole.  The search for the culprit uncovers hidden identities and even casts suspicion on trusted friends and family. Threatening notes, secret identities, lies, and revenge make this story riveting. Even when you think the mystery is solved, there is still another surprise revelation.

 Kitui and the Frensel Lens - Kitui, a slave on a Louisiana plantation, uses her powers of memory and observation to teach herself to read and write. Moving around unnoticed, she transmits valuable information to the Union during the Civil War including the secret location of  lenses for disabled lighthouses. She survives brutalization and heart-breaking loss to build a life filled with hope and purpose. This story is filled with action, romance, heart stopping chases and even a battle at sea. 

 The Shattered Pearl - A 22 year old African-American woman joins the Peace Corps in 1966 goes to Uganda, where she marries a Ugandan, lives for six years under the brutal reign of Idi Amin, is forced to relinquish her citizenship to protect her two children, and makes a daring escape with her family It’s an electrifying account of madness, murder and courage wrapped in an incredible love story and it’s all true. This is my autobiography. 

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Sara L. Armstrong

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